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Watching your baby developing from a tiny bundle to a bouncing toddler is a joy to behold, but it is amazing how fast this first year flies by. At Grove Photography we can briefly stop the clock by capturing beautiful pictures of your precious child you can treasure forever. We can photograph various stages of your child’s early years whether it’s a peaceful intimate portrait of your softly sleeping newborn or a cute cheeky moment with a gummy smile. See the baby photograph gallery on the left for the latest examples of our work.

About Grove Photography

With over 35 years of experience we are passionate about photography and capturing moments that you will cherish. We are proud members of The Master Photographer’s Association which ensures the quality of our images are consistently at a high level. We have a vast experience of working with all ages of infants from tiny newborns to energetic five year old toddlers.

What Happens At The Baby Photography Studio?

We know how protective you are of your child so we only have photography sessions at our studio by appointment so your privacy is ensured. We will make sure parent and baby alike are comfortable and relaxed before we take the camera out.
A photo session will usually take around 60 minutes. In this time we will take a variety of shots that you can choose your favourites from. We can take various combinations of mother and baby photography, father and baby photography and also with a brother or sister if you wish.

under 5After The Baby Photo Shoot

After the baby portraits have been taken we take time and care to edit the raw images to make sure the colours are true to life. Images are cropped to produce the perfect composition. We use advanced photo editing software to create very different styles from the same picture. Examples of this can be found in the portfolio. Then you can return to the studio a few days later and view the shoot on a large projector screen. You are then free to choose your favourites to be printed.

Printing and Framing Options and Gift Vouchers

We offer a wide variety of printing and frame options so you can get the ideal look to compliment the area you wish to place the picture. Also we sell gift vouchers for photography sessions that you can give to your loved ones, whether it’s your friends, sons, daughters or grandparents.

You can book now by calling 0161 456 1766or use the contact us page form to make an enquiry.

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